deceptizillasaurus: You could do a Mosasaur or a Liopleurodon uwu 

Great suggestions! I’m sure people would love to see a Liopleurodon, haha

Thank the lord for Scott Hartman (follow-up information for the spino reconstruction article I reblogged yesterday that made me crap my pants)


I’m Graveler

I’m Shedinja..

Not an incredibly terrible pokemon, but eh.. Oh man just a few more and I can be Manectric :0 come on ppl, follow me so I can be a cool pokemon

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plutonis: {Once you receive this, say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then pass it on to your 10 favourite followers!} 

Ahhh Pluto oh no you tagged me :’) ♥
I’ve always been bad at things like this but here we go I’ll try and make myself sound interesting lol:

1. I strive to be a very open-minded person and try not to “judge” people by superficial things such as what they wear or what they like.

2. I’m very passionate about the things I like and enjoy, and I think that makes me an easily relatable person.

3. I’m a critical thinker and in recent years have gotten into the habit of fact-checking just about everything. When people ask me a question I like to have the right answer. I also really enjoy philosophical and deep conversation.

4. I pride myself in my firm grasp of the English language, both in speaking and writing. I feel that communication is as extremely important part of being human and while the internet has created its own interesting slang and writing varieties, I am still able to put an accurate sentence together pretty well I think, haha.

5. Even though I can be a bit cynical at times, I think I have a pretty genuine sense of morality and I try to make my presence a positive one.